About us

CECOSIDA is a national network of committed journalists and communicators against AIDS and for the promotion of public health and well being in the Haitian Caribbean region and in several Haitian communities in North America. CECOSIDA was created in 1999 and  has become a leader in the area of mass communication against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Haiti. Since 2002, CECOSIDA has become independent, sustainable and an active member of the National AIDS Commission (CCM) BCC cluster of the USG-TEAM in Haiti.

CECOSIDA has been working on HIV/AIDS prevention in partnership with Ministry of Public Health and several international organizations in Haiti and members of the Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM). Activities include radio programs, training seminars for journalists and PLWA, and community mobilization.

CECOSIDA has also developed an expertise in journalism training and press production about public health and socio-economic issues in Haiti. CECOSIDA conducts and provides seminars for journalists on reporting on public health, published a reporting guide for journalists on HIV/AIDS and has offered training for mobile DJ’s and radio DJ’s.

CECOSIDA has worked with public drivers in Port-au-Prince to distribute music tapes and T-shirts on HIV/AIDS prevention. CECOSIDA also organized several direct and mobile communication campaigns on HIV/AIDS in public open markets in Port-au-Prince targeting underserved populations.

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